Installing an ARB Bumper

arb bumpers red jeep

Before you start installing your ARB bumper, ensure that you have all the necessary tools and equipment. This will guarantee you a successful installation process.


Step 1

Use a car jack to lift the front part of your car off the ground. Place a jack stand below the frame behind the front tires. Lower onto the stands the car.

Step 2

Look for the bolts currently holding the existing bumper to the frame. Use a socket wrench to get them out. There are two bolts in front of each tire, at the bumper’s center, at the front and in the wheel.

Step 3

Get rid of the bolts that secure the crush cans, tie down and tow hook to the frame. Remove them and place them aside. This exposes your frame rail plate.

Step 4

Get a reciprocating saw and use it to separate the frame rail from the fram...

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How to Choose the Right Wheels

rugged ridge wheels

It is kind of funny how different people are and the differences in the way they think.  Take vehicle wheels for example.  Once some people purchase a vehicle, they never think about the wheels beyond washing them when they wash the vehicle.  Yet other people tend to be almost obsessive about their wheels.  Which category do you fall into?

What is the big deal?

For those who may fall into the first category, wheels come in different types and can be used for different types of driving.  For example, there are wheels that are light weight and will not carry a heavy load that are basically made for racing.  This type of wheel is made using a technology known as HLT (High Light Technology).  OZ Racing makes this type of wheel.

There are also wheels known as Multi-Piece Wheels...

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Give Your Jeep a Masculine Look with Warn Bumpers

warn bumpers on silver jeepIn most countries around the world, a moustache is considered to be a vital aspect of manliness. In most Arab and Asian countries, people strongly give preference to the beard, marking it as a symbol of masculinity and something that differentiates men from women. When humans got down to making automobiles to rage across the earth, these innate perceptions and notions were seen reflected in the rides that were manufactured. The Jeep is considered to be a beast in terms of the power and strength with which it can withstand some of the worst terrains on earth. To really emphasize its power and the bold, powerful look, a bumper is added to the Jeep, right in front. Even though the bumper safeguards the body and the engine from any unforeseen mishap, it also makes the Jeep look “masculine”...

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Jeep Seats: CORBEAU Moab Neoprene Reclining Passenger Seat

jeep seats corbeau moabOne of the essential features of an off-road vehicle like the Jeep is comfortable seating. If you’re a serious off-road driver then you very well know that having a comfortable seat is important. The Jeep is one of the best 4×4 off-road vehicle any driver can own. Because of its flexibility when it comes to off-road terrains, it also gives the driver the opportunity to customize it to achieve maximum comfort.  One of the Jeep interior parts that can be customized are its seats.

Examining the Corbeau Moab Neoprene Reclining Passenger Seat.

These seats come in black and neutral colors.  The Moab Jeep® Seat was made for the CJ and YJ Jeeps; however, the Moab Jeep® Seats are still compatible with any vehicle that has Corbeau custom brackets...

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Review of ProComp Suspension Lift Kits

pro comp suspension

For more than 2 decades, ProComp Suspension has been making and supplying highly durable and quality products for both on and off-road vehicles. Their range of products include wheels, tires, suspensions and shocks among others. The company started in 1992 manufacturing suspension systems and even today, it is one of their specialized departments as they keep developing innovative products.

In 1998, ProComp Suspension start making tires today they are one of the leading tire manufacturers for the aftermarket industry. In 2001, the company released its Pro Comp wheels that have become the strongest wheels available on the market, made from steel and cast...

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Daystar Innovative Kits

Daystar is the first company who was involved in mass production of high-quality kits and accessories for off-road vehicles, trucks, SUV, dirt bike and 4×4 owners. Started in 1997, they are the first company to get certified by ISO 9001 which is a world recognition certification. With top notch designers and engineers they make the most innovative and highest quality leveling and lift kits. This will definitely get your money’s worth and you can be sure the products will exceed your expectations.

ROCKRAM- system-large

All Daystar products go through some basic steps before they are manufactured, first a computerized graphical design is drawn, then a sample product is made to see if any flaws exist in the design, after all research is done, the product is done more testing and get the approval of the board...

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Cool Designs for Jeep Tire Covers

jeep tire covers

Everyone knows that the spare tire on a Jeep is carried on a tire mount on the back end of the Jeep.  We see them all of the time.  Sometimes they have those covers on them.  This is a fun and practical way to protect your spare tire so that it is always in good condition when you need it.

The tire covers for the Jeep spare tires are sold in many places.  You can get them plain if you like.  You can get them with any number of sayings, designs or even team insignia on them.  If you are a proud member of the armed forces you can have your branch on the tire cover.

Some people like to get personalized ones.  Depending on where you purchase your tire cover, you can either have them do the personalization or have someone else do it...

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Pro Comp Tires and Super Swampers: Two of the Hottest Brands for Serious Off Roading

superswamperAre you serious about driving off road?  If you are and you are in the market for tires, then you do not want to skip reading this.  Both Pro Comp and Super Swamper make superior tires but only if you are serious about wanting the best in off road tires.  We all know that off road tires need to have better traction and durability than of those which are only used on the highway.  But, what about those other little things that you need in an off road tire?  Once you finish reading this short piece, head on over to Gnarly Tires to find out more about not only these, but other top off road tires too.

Pro Comp

Although Pro Comp has only been outfitting off road rigs since 1992, they do it with a panache that is unmatched in the field...

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Company Overview of Smittybilt


Basil Smith who was popularly known as Smitty established Smittybilt more than half-a-century ago. Tom, Smitty’s son gained experience in the industry by first working at Rock-ett and then at his father’s company. After spending his life in the 4WD world, Tom started creating innovative products focused on the huge off-road aftermarket segment. Today, the company is the leading manufacturer of parts for trucks and small SUVs or Jeeps.

With the growth in business, Tom started making new products, with the tubular front/rear bumpers and Nerf Bar being the most notable ones. Today, Smittybilt is the leading supplier of innovative accessories to thousands of dealers and distributors around the world...

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AMA Pro Racing in the Great Motorcycle Sporting Events in the West Coast

AMA Pro Racing is a leading sporting brand when it comes to the motorcycle lifestyle and championships across the nation. The professional motorcycle sports organization remains one of the most recognized brands in the Motorsports industry and is a premier professional racing organization not just in the US but also across North America.

AMA Pro Racing

AMA Pro Racing

The company acquired several professional motorcycle racing properties from the 90 year old American Motorcyclists Association AMA in 2008 thanks to its resources and managerial expertise running several motorcycle sporting events...

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